Local Honey/Resources

Where to Get Local Honey, Honey Bee Resources and Educational Opportunities

Where to buy local honey and beeswax products:

  • Breadhead Bakery (when available)
  • Dover Park Farmer’s Market (when available)
  • Dover Flea Market
  • Gnadenhutten Farmers Market (when available)
  • Newcomerstown Farmers Market (when available)
  • Yaggi’s Cheese House

Additional Resources for Beekeepers

“Ask for three beekeeper’s opinions, and you’ll get four answers. . .”

One of the most enjoyable things about keeping bees is interacting with other beekeepers and learning ways to make beekeeping easier – or solving the many puzzles of beekeeping. We’ve compiled this list of items to help keep your bees happy and healthy.


Recipes for feeding bees are found on this page of our website.


Beekeeping Resource Library
The Tuscarawas County Beekeepers Club maintains a beekeeping resource library. Members are welcome to check out books from the club library and return them when they have completed their studies. Library items are available for check out at club meetings. Please contact Judy Clegg at 330-343-3430 prior to the meeting to make sure she is able to bring the publication to the meeting for you.

Current publications include:

  • How To Keep Bees & Sell Honey (Walter Kelly)
  • The New Starting Right With Bees (Kim Flottum)
  • Honey Plants (Harvey Lovell)
  • The Art and Adventures of Bee Keeping (Ormond & Harry Aebi)
  • Natural Beekeeping (Ross Conrad)
  • The Beekeepers Handbook (Owen Meyer)
  • Honey Plants of North America (John Lovell)
  • The Hive and the Honey Bee (Dadant & Sons)

In addition, the club owns the following tool, which is used most often during County Fair honey check in:

Jacks Scale Honey Color Grader