Honey Bee Rescue

Swarming honey bees aren’t trying to be a threat to us humans – they’re just trying to find a new home! Our club members can help rescue you from the bees and put the bees back to their normal work of making honey and pollinating our crops!


Swarms are considered bees that have gathered on a bush, building or external structure.

If you have noticed honey bees going into the walls of a home or have an established hive within the walls of a home or other building, this is considered a “cut-out or extraction” that requires the removal of materials to remove the bees. Due to the amount of work involved, beekeepers normally charge a fee to remove bees in a cut-out or extraction. You only have about five days from when the bees move in until they establish themselves. Bees in the walls or ceiling of a home can cause thousands of dollars in damage!

Once a hive is established and a queen bee completes her first cycle of laying brood, the scent of honeycomb becomes an attractant, which leads to more bees, more brood and more honey and nectar being stored in the walls of your home. Bees will also chew to get out and chew to get into an existing nest, including chewing on electrical wire sheathing, and they can occasionally wet the sheetrock and remove it to expand their nest. Stored honey, if not removed, will ferment and leak through walls and ceilings, causing additional damage. The entire nest must be removed, or bees will continue to try to return.


If you have a swarm or would like someone to quote an extraction of honeybees, please contact one of our members on the “Swarm List” below.
PLEASE NOTE: those on the Swarm List are limited to current year, dues-paid members of the Tuscarwas County Beekeepers Club.

Jake or Angie Bosler 330-401-5889 or 330-763-4493

Bolivar/Zoar/Northern Tuscarawas County
Dan Andrews 330-364-1090

Joe Brown 330-323-0224
Paul Warstler 330-484-6184 or 330-524-1154


Judy Clegg 330-343-3430

David Graef 330-364-5588

Tom Jones 330-897-4002

Bob Jones 330-364-3377
Ray Wirt 330-323-5525

Gnadenhutten/Newcomerstown/Uhrichsville/Dennison/Tuscarawas/Southern Tuscarawas County

Alexander Tatman (Uhrichsville/Dennison) 330-340-3603

John or Jona Scott 740-498-9573 or 330-204-3642 cell

John and Christie Suchora 740-254-1093

New Philadelphia
Seth Angel 330-340-3050
Joe Bachman 330-204-9463
Greg Stover 330-343-3686

David Lendon 330-432-0224
Ray Wirt 330-323-5525