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Bees Love the BeeBee Tree!

As a beekeeper, you're always looking for a flowering plant that provides nectar that the bees can work. Club members have discovered that honey bees love the BeeBee Tree. They will work it magically.

bee bee tree

The BeeBee tree is covered in late July and August with masses of large, flat white to gray clusters of small white flowers. BeeBee trees are of particular value because few other trees-sized plants are flowering as a late summer nectar source. Honey produced from the flowers is very sweet and tasty.

bee bee tree

The BeeBee tree, Tatradium danielli, develops a smooth gray bark that resembles a Beech tree. It grows to heights of 20 meters. The leaves resemble the foliage of an ash tree and turn a glossy dark green in summer which fades to yellow green in the fall.

bee bee tree