3 Pests That Can Cause Damage To Your Home

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3 Pests That Can Cause Damage To Your Home

Discovering a pest infestation in your home is a relatively common occurrence, but some pests are more problematic than others. While no one wants to discover bed bugs or ants in their home, these pests won't cause significant damage and don't tend to spread disease. It's still necessary to eradicate them from your home, but there are other pests to be on the lookout for that can cause costly damage to your property. Here are 3 pests that you should call your pest control specialist about as soon as you notice them.


Termites can cause structural damage to your home by eating their way through supporting beams, and early intervention is vital to minimise the expense of fixing the damage they cause. Signs of termites in your home include blistered areas on wooden flooring, which occurs when termites have infested your subfloor and are eating their way up into your main living area, and damage to visible wood in your home. This damage can look like a honeycomb pattern or appear as an elongated hollow section in the wood. You may also see their tiny droppings near infested areas. The droppings look like fine coffee grounds and are dark brown or black in colour.


Mice tend to find their way into homes when they are searching for food or shelter, and if you have poorly sealed doors and windows or cracks in your external walls, mice will have no trouble getting into your property. Unfortunately, mice are very destructive and can chew through insulation, wood, soft furnishings and electrical wires, which can be a fire risk. Signs of mice in your home include the presence of small oval droppings, which are often found near food sources, and the smell of ammonia. If mice are in your wall cavities or subfloor, you will also hear scratching and you may hear them scurrying around, particularly at night.


The pigeon population has increased considerably over the last few years, and although some people enjoy seeing pigeons in their neighbourhood, they can cause significant damage to residential roofs. Pigeons will make their nests on roofs and can block drainage, loosen roofing material and eat away at the substrate, which can leave you will a leaking roof. If you have a ventilation system with a rooftop exit point, this can also be blocked by nesting pigeons, which can impact on the air quality of you home and can also pose a fire risk in some cases.

If you think you have a pest problem in your home, don't wait until significant damage occurs. Contact your local pest control company for a pest assessment as soon as possible. They will report on their findings and recommend a treatment approach to eradicate the pests, and many companies now offer humane pest removal for several types of pests.

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